UK “not certain” to leave EU on October the 31st. – Political commentator


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Think tank the Institute of Financial Studies has warned that a no deal Brexit could make the UK’s national debt soar. The report comes as negotiations between Britain and the EU are approaching a crucial stage. With French President Emmanuel Macron outlining yesterday, that the bloc will make a decision over whether to accept British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s revamped divorce bill by the end of the week. Brussels is reportedly less than pleased by the alterations to the Irish backstop made by the Conservative government’s team, and doubts remain as to whether it will be deemed acceptable by their powers that be. But would a WTO rules or no deal Brexit be quite as detrimental to the UK’s economy as the report fears? Sputnik spoke with political commentator Keith Rowe to get his views on the matter. For more stories visit our website Listen to us online Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram We'd also love to get your feedback at

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