Samuel Hofman NIBIRU Updates 2021


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Samuel Hofman our Nibiru guru informs us about what is to come for earth in 2021 and beyond in regards to the Nibiru System. What you should be watching for, what we are already experiencing including weather events, natural disasters, and more. Knowledge is power and Sam wants us to share what he believes. Our guest Samuel Hofman has been radically changing the conspiracy theory circle’s perspective on Nibiru. In his model, the Earth-sun, Sol, has a binary twin and the skies are ripe with the proof. Through his Facebook groups, Montana Sky-Watcher, he and his active and loyal partners collect massive amounts of photographic evidence that our solar system may have more planets, more stars, and maybe even more life. Listen to sams previous interview: Listen to all sams appearance on Radio Wasteland: Sams Playlist on Radio Wasteland: Radio Wasteland is a radio show and podcast that covers all topics mysterious to conspiratory, ranging from corrupt governments and cover-ups to UFO phenomenon and cryptozoology… and everything in between… and more importantly, everything beyond. Learn about the cast and crew at #RadioWasteland #nibiru #samuelhofman Follow Us at: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: YouTube:

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