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We asked Angry Catfish Briggs to explain the ISWA data he is well known for talking about on his Youtube channel. Our listeners wanted us to ask AngryCatfish questions. So we did. Ra - 9th Planet - Nasa - The Sun God - Planetary alignment - The eye of RA - ISWA Data Check out his channel: Check out full episodes of Radio Wasteland on Youtube: ----------------------- Check out Radio Wasteland News & interview highlight clips: Radio Wasteland is a radio show and podcast that covers all topics mysterious to conspiratory, ranging from corrupt governments and cover-ups to UFO phenomenon and cryptozoology… and everything in between… and more importantly, everything beyond. Learn about the cast and crew at #RadioWasteland #AngryCatfishBriggs #NASA Follow Us at: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: YouTube: Want to be a guest on our show? Email us at and we will get back to you ASAP!

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