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Lamb of God drummer Art Cruz called in to talk about the new self-titled Lamb Of God album (out 6/17/20). Here's what we talked about: Baseball Talk (0-3:30) New Lamb Of God album recorded at Dave Grohl's studio 606 (3:30-5:30) Drums and drum sound on new Lamb of God album (5:30-8) "Pinch Me" moment while recording new Lamb Of God album (8-12) Pre-Production with the band all together (12-13) Who suprised Art during recording process (13-17) Lamb Of God "Ghost Walking" Craft Beer (17-18) 2006 Megadeth Meet & Greet photo/inspirational (18-20) Final Prong performance at Dimebash 2020 (20-21) RIP Showcase Theater in Corona, California (21-end)

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