Homeschool Poetry | Why Should I Bother?


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By Dr Gemma Elizabeth: Founder of Our Muslim Homeschool and Raising Mums, Dr Gemma Elizabeth: Founder of Our Muslim Homeschool, and Raising Mums. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. Hit the Subscribe button to track updates in Player FM, or paste the feed URL into other podcast apps.
I know what you're thinking...Homeschool poetry? Really? Haven't I got enough to think about in my homeschool already, without adding poetry into the mix too?! I know! I get it! Many of you may even be thinking, "What is poetry even for?" Let me explain! In episode 18 of Raising Mums, we tackle: ?? Why poetry should be a part of every child’s education! ?? Easy ways to make poetry a part of your homeschool. ?? Why you shouldn’t be intimidated by it! WATCH THIS VIDEO! The fact that I am asked these questions regularly reflects the way the modern world thinks today. Our utilitarian view of life believes that if something is valuable it must first be useful or practical, rather than beautiful. Basically, if something is beautiful... well, that's nice, but its not important! It supposes that if poetry doesn’t have a practical purpose, its not worthwhile. How wrong that is! Will poetry increase you children’s vocabulary? Yes. Will it help them with grammar and spelling? Probably. Will it give them a greater mastery of the English language? Most certainly. But that is not why we do it! Poetry moves the heart. Words have the power to affect us deeply. That is the way we have been created. When the Quran was sent down, and the Quraysh heard it, what did they accuse the Prophet (saw) of? Of being a poet! That is because the Quran has the sound and feel of poetry. That is how Allah (swt) chose to communicate with us; through poetry-like words. Why? Because beautiful words touch our hearts. Because they can penetrate deep into our souls and have the ability to change the listener. It is through these words that we remember God. Poetry, has a similar effect. It can help you and your children remember God. In the same way that looking upon a flower blooming or spectactular sunset can remind us of our creator; so too can hearing beautiful words. Poetry can also teach us great morals. “Poetry is, perhaps, the most searching and intimate of our teachers…Poetry supplies us with tools for the modelling of our lives, and the use of these we must get at ourselves.” Charlotte Mason (Vol. 4, p. 71) @import url(,400italic,700,700italic); .ml-form-embedSubmitLoad{display:inline-block;width:20px;height:20px}.ml-form-embedSubmitLoad:after{content:" ";display:block;width:11px;height:11px;margin:1px;border-radius:50%;border:4px solid #fff;border-color:#fff #fff #fff transparent;animation:ml-form-embedSubmitLoad 1.2s linear infinite}@keyframes ml-form-embedSubmitLoad{0%{transform:rotate(0)}100%{transform:rotate(360deg)}}{box-sizing:border-box;display:table;height:99.99%;margin:0 auto;position:static;width:100%!important} button, h4, p, span{text-transform:none!important;letter-spacing:normal!important} .ml-form-embedWrapper{background-color:#f6f6f6;border-width:0;border-color:transparent;border-radius:4px;border-style:solid;box-sizing:border-box;display:inline-block!important;margin:0;padding:0;position:relative} .ml-form-embedWrapper.embedDefault, .ml-form-embedWrapper.embedPopup{width:400px} .ml-form-embedWrapper.embedForm{max-width:400px;width:100%} .ml-form-align-left{text-align:left} .ml-form-align-center{text-align:center} .ml-form-align-default{display:table-cell!important;vertical-align:middle!important;text-align:center!important} .ml-form-align-right{text-align:right} .

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