How to Homeschool during Pregnancy!


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I've just had a baby, so I know how hard it can be to homeschool during pregnancy! As if homeschooling wasn't challenging enough; and then add in nausea, exhaustion and the mood swings (oh boy those mood swings!) and it can seem almost impossible. This blog-post contains affiliate links. For more information, please see Disclaimer. But my experience with four pregnancies has taught me some "hacks" that can sustain your homeschool during pregnancy, ensuring that your children's education doesn't suffer and neither do you! In Episode 16 of the Raising Mums, I share some amazing ideas will maintain the momentum in your children's learning experience, whilst being easy and gentle on mum (that's you!); and isn't that what every pregnant mum needs?! Whether you're pregnant now, or worried about how having more children will impact on your homeschool, I'm speaking to you in this episode... WATCH THIS VIDEO! Prioritise your Health in Pregnancy Remember, there is no homeschool without a homeschool mum! If you don't take care of yourself during this time, there may be no homeschool to come back to after the pregnancy is over. It may be necessary to rest during pregnancy, or take some time off from homeschooling, to maintain your own health and wellness...and that's ok! Get more Homeschool bang for your buck! Incorporate different subjects into one lesson. What does that mean? Let me explain! For example after reading a work of literature, have your child: Write out a passage for hand-writingPractice spelling some of the words Learn new vocabulary from the passageNarrate what they just heard for English compositionWriting down their narration will also teach spelling and grammar tooHave them read the next page for reading practiceChoose a book that is set in a historical time period to include History Perhaps there is a way to involve Science or Maths into the lesson too! Maybe you can find a way to bring maths into a science lesson, or maybe even English or History! This doesn't mean creating complicated unit-studies, but just using what you already have planned and see if your children can learn anything more from it! Simplify homeschooling when pregnant! Unless it brings you joy, cut back on complicated art projects, hands-on activities or field trips. Instead, use resources that give you "more bang for your buck!" (see explanation above). Use Open and Go Homeschool Curricula Open-and-go curricula are generally not something I would use. They do not fit well with the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education, however for those really hard days (or weeks) during pregnancy, open-and-go curricula are a life-saver! All that is required is to open the book or login into the online programme, and work through the next lesson. Here are a few of my favourites: Pandia Press - History and Science curriculaMystery Science - Science lessons delivered through videos onlineScholastic Maths - Maths Practice BooksCGP Study and Practice Books - Maths, English and Science books for every age.Reading Eggs - Online reading programme for children aged 2-11. 30-Day FREE Trial! Don't forget AUDIOBOOKS! Pregnancy is a great time to catch up on reading, and let you kids feast on the plethora of excellent quality audiobooks that are out there. We get our audiobooks from: Audible - Choose from the world's largest selection of audiobooks including best sellers, new releases, sci-fi, romances, mysteries, classics, and more. 30-Day FREE TRIAL! Get One free audiobook of your choice - yours to keep, even if you cancel! Prime customers receive two audiobooks in your trial. Quantum Chronicles - a collection of Islamic audio series including the Life of the Prophet (saw) and Maryam, the mother of Eesa (AS). Use DISCOUNT CODE: OMHomeschool 15 for 15% OFF! You might also like: You might also like these episodes of Raising Mums all about Time Management! ...

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