Life With the Aka (And Their Exceptional Fathers) with Barry Hewlett


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Barry Hewlett, PhD, professor of anthropology at Washington State University and I sit down to talk about his time spent with the Akas in Central Africa. We discussed: -How Barry’s career in anthropology evolved and how he came to spend time with the Akas (a nomadic foraging society he lived with off and on for over 40 years) -Among other things, Barry talks about the high amount of touch provided for infants, who are often held by various members of their extended family throughout the day -Egalitarian and autonomous values within the Aka society -Ideas (or lack thereof) about “personal space” with the Akas -The Aka fathers and their heavy involvement in child rearing - what about their lifestyles allows their fathers to be so present with their offspring? -Lessons Barry learned from the Akas Check out Barry’s book about the Aka fathers here: Find out more about his work here: RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE to the podcast Check us out online:

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