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Raising the Bar Legal Talk Radio Show brings an exciting and varied array of legal topics to listeners throughout central Virginia and especially in the Greater Richmond area. Once per week, the one-hour interactive radio show features true life stories and cases, legal tips, practical and reliable advice, and information from experts and specialists. The show includes not just a variety of lawyers - but also doctors, social workers, mental health professionals, executive directors, life care planners, paralegals and other professionals! The law touches nearly every aspect of daily life and this show brings both humorous and entertaining stories along with helpful tips - including tips on access to the justice and legal services - something that not everyone can afford. The show features a wide array of various areas of the law including but not limited to: Family Law, Personal Injury, Employment Law, Adoption & Surrogacy, Estate Planning, Workers’ Compensation, Medical Negligence, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, LGBTQI Issues, Bankruptcy, Criminal Law and Traffic Infractions, Lemon Law, Consumer Law, Intellectual Property, Commercial Disputes, Corporate Law and much more!
Examples of program topics include:
· Common Misconceptions in Employment Law
· Understanding Brain Injuries
· What Do Paralegals Do?
· Being a Personal Injury Client.
· Access to Legal Services – Qualifying for Pro Bono Services vs Paying for an Attorney
· Being a Surrogate or Gestational Carrier
· Understanding Divorce, Support and Custody Issues
· Navigating Auto Insurance and Claims after an Accident
· Employment Contracts, Non-Competes and Severance Agreements
· Understanding How Workers Compensation Claims Work
· Navigating Claims for Injuries on Business and Private Properties
· Estate and Life Care Planning – Getting Your Legal House in Order

80 episodes