11 Ways To Boost Your Year-End Fundraising Email Results


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On this episode, I wanted to share the audio from a recent training I hosted. During the training, I shared 11 ways you can get more of your supporters to open, engage, and respond to your year-end fundraising emails. With only 1 week left of the year, I thought this was a timely conversation to share with you. Enjoy :) BEST PRACTICES: 1. Segment Your Audience 2. Spend Time On Your Subject Line 3. Make Your Emails Human 4. Purpose Over Design 5. Be Compelling 6. Make It Easy To Take Action 7. Timing Is Everything 8. Send More Emails 9. Re-Send Emails 10. Test, Test, Test 11. Track Your Performance 12. Don’t Forget To Say Thank You SHOW NOTES: *Recording of live training ~ https://resources.causevox.com/webinar/year-end-email-tips *50+ Subject Lines That Will Get Your Year-End Fundraising Emails Opened ~ https://www.causevox.com/blog/fundraising-subject-lines/ *Year-End Fundraising Email Tips ~ https://www.causevox.com/blog/year-end-fundraising-email-strategy/ Find more episodes on iTunes (bit.ly/CVpodcast) or our website (www.causevox.com/podcast). Looking for more nonprofit insights? Visit our blog (bit.ly/nonprofit_blog) and see our collection of 400+ posts sharing all things fundraising and marketing. Easily create a powerful fundraising campaign in minutes. Try CauseVox for free! ~ www.causevox.com

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