Rand(Nerds); Episode 56


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Welcome to the Rand(Nerds); Podcast episode 56

Apologies for the phone noise in this episode, Skazz has been punished for not putting his phone in airplane mode

This episode of Rand(Nerds)was saved thankfully to Internet Explore, which is not something we get to say much. Skazz is still playing vanilla World of Warcraft and has got himself addicted again to the crack of gaming. We discuss previous experiences with private servers including creating our own escort missions.

Ram has been playing a game set in the future where corporations rule the planet, no not ‘continuum: the game’, but invisible Inc. He regales us with tales of hacking corporations, flying the world and sacrifices. We also learn about his callous disregards for unnamed NPC.

Ram has been watching Person of Interest, the previous project of the creators of Westworld, A story about an all seeing machine working out which people are in peril and giving some vigilantes there social security number. Ram has issue getting into it but has grown to like the series.

We discuss the news of the death of Namco boss Masaya Nakamura and Ram come over with a Bard moment, We also talk about the upcoming relaunch of our website.

We also talk about the EU investigate into Valve and other companies about unfair pricing schemes. This lead into a discussion into cross country media restrictions.



Join Skazz playing classic WoW with the Elysium Project

A X-Com style game set in a continuum like world with Invisible Inc.

The previous project from the creators of Westworld: Person of Interest

Another gaming giant has left us Namco boss Masaya Nakamura

The news of Valve and other are being investigated by the EU

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TheSuffolkRam and Skazz.

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