Rand(Nerds); Episode 58


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Welcome to the Rand(Nerds); Podcast episode 58

In this Episode we are joined by special guest Middlemister

Both TheSuffolkRam and Skazz have been playing the sand fulled game Spec Ops: The Line and discuss bad cover mechanics, bad team AI and stories where you’re not the hero.

TheSuffolkRam has been playing a game he’d complete forgot about with Walking Dead Season Three: A New Frontier. Hes talks about Clementine’s development, how Zombies are like bad weather, ambiguous dialog choices, and also how the game ties in to the bigger Walking Dead universe.

Our guest has been playing the recently release Horizon Zero Dawn a game featuring mechanical dinosaurs set on future earth. We discuss post apocalyptic games and the joys of couch co-op.

We’ve been watching a lot of tv program, Ram starts us off with The White Rabbit Project. Made by the same produced of Mythbusters featuring some of the previous cast. Ram find it very hard to describe, its a cross between history/science and entertainment show but has some very interesting segments.

Middlemister has been watching the easy to spoiler show with The OA featuring a blind girl who can now see and inter-dimensional mystery’s

Ram also been watching sci-fi show The Expanse, set in a hard sci-fi universe where space is hard and a three way political battle is taking place.

We look forward to the upcoming game Mass Effect: Andromeda, Discuss problems we had the previous game and some of it questionable mechanics. We also discover how Ram make difficult life or death decisions.

We discuss who the best companion in Fallout 4 is (its dogmeat) and Ram and Middlemister compare settlements

We also look at the recent release of the Nitendo Switch, what it means for gaming and general quality of it.

We also discuss The joys of VR support and sickness in portal games and Uwe Boll films.



Tired of American heroes saving the day? Like dodgy cover mechanics? Try Spec Ops: The Line

Find out what happened to Clementine with Walking Dead Season 3: A New Frontier

A world with mechanical dinosaurs in Horizon Zero Dawn

Rejoin the ex-mythbusters build team in the White Rabbit Project

A tv series featuring a non-blind girl The OA

A hard Sci-fi show with The Expanse

The upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda

The latest Nintendo console you can use out and about as well as at home. The Switch

Controversial film director Uwe Boll

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Middlemister

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