Rand(Nerds); Episode 61


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Welcome to episode 61

Sorry in advance for keyboard noise and fan hum, we had a laptop a bit close to the recording mic.

In this episode, TheSuffolkRam has been paying a combination of two of his favorites series, Total War and Warhammer in the very originally tiled game Total War: Warhammer. A game witch combines turn based and real time strategy. He talks about the Warhammer backstory and world, explains why Skaven are the best army and why Bretonnians are not, the lack of halflings. He also discuss the pain of bad interfaces, his version of diplomacy and the joys of steam rolling across a map.

Middlemeister has been playing the game he gushed about last month with Persona 5. He talks about the combination of school life and deamon dungeon fighting, eating burgers, looking after flowers and fighting PE teachers.

Ram has broken out the ancient technology called a DVD boxed set and has been watching an old J.J. Abrams series called Alias. A early 2000s spy drama that holds up still pretty well and which rejigs itself multiple times, we also discover Ram lack of knowledge of film stars.

Middlemeister and ram discuss series 10 of Doctor Who, we give our concerns of the new companion and talk about the most recent series up and downs.

Skazz has been looking forward to Splatoon 2, hoping this time the lorry wont get stolen on its way to the UK. He also lets slip that his kids have found out that the Nintendo Switch Exists and is not looking forward to his future bank balance.

We discuss the news that Microsoft will soon be allowing refunds for downloaded xBox games.



A total war game with magic and orcs? try Total War : WARHAMMER

A TV series using the Total War Engine, with Time Commanders

Get a job in a flower shop and fight daemons with Persona 5

Old school J.J. Abrams spy series Alias

And the actor Ram was surprised has become quite big: Bradley Cooper

Hopefully it wont get stolen this time, Splatoon 2

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Middlemeister

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