Rand(Nerds); Episode 63


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Welcome to episode 63, A surprisingly long episode despite our lack of stuff to talk about

Middlemeister kicks us off by talking about Nier Automata, hes been battling robots from the moon, and switching between a number of games modes

TheSuffolkRam has not been playing games due to windows update, not graphic card, no sound, and not getting old games to play. He did manage to trey playing Alan Wake and the proceed to hate it. He did also try and play Pippa Funnells the stud farm inheritance, but could only get the poster maker working

Middlemesiter has been watching the TV adaption of Neil Gaiman American Gods series which includes people getting eaten by lady parts.

We also talk about the upcoming E3, the necessity of VPN’s in modern days and the advantages and disadvantages of them. and also the hack of the NHS and other systems by the WannaCry program

We also go off on one of our biggest tangent ever, thanks to out live stream viewers where we discuss and even give praise for windows, achievements in games, the state of out local high street including a massive review of various supermarket brands and other uses for RS components robotics kits



A game Middlemeister has been enjoyingNier Automata

A game recommends not the play with Alan Wake

A bit spartan this week as we didn’t talk about much stuff you’d actually be interested in

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Middlemeister

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