Rand(Nerds); Episode 67


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Welcome to episode 67, First of all and apology’s for the background and 4G noise, we messed up with the mic placement bit

We start off by briefly talking about a game Skazz has not been playing, Tokyo Twilight Session FE (Post podcast we find out he had the name wrong), but leads us nicely into talking about the Nintendo Switch. We discuss build quality, some of it neat features and the exuberant cost of it accessory and games. Speaking of which, we go through a smattering of game available on it including Mario Cart 8 Deluxe and Lego’s city undercover. Skazz then moves onto the upcoming splatfest for Splatoon 2 and eating shellfish.

TheSuffolkRam has been having flashbacks to the late nineties with Doorkickers, a top down real time strategy, but with the neat twist of being able to pause at any moment and enter a planning phase similar to Rainbow Six

Ram then move onto talking about a political drama hes been watching with Designated Survivor. He talk about president Marty Sue, Convoluted plot lasting too long and his dislike of the series 24

It also time for us to compare our steam sale purchases, with Skazz having brought a few more then Ram (more then even he could believe) and also this year gimmick – Sticker books!

Finally we look at the news of Tencent putting restriction on the Honour of Kings game for under 18, we discuss gaming addiction, attitude to gaming changing and overreactions, as well as our modern safety culture



Turns out Skazz had the name wrong, it Tokyo Mirage Session FE

A tactile real time strategy to scratch all the Rainbow six feelings with Doorkickers

President Marty Sue presiding over an US in turmoil with Designated Survivor

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