Rand(Nerds); Episode 69


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Welcome to episode 69

In this episode Skazz has not been playing anything due to the summer holiday. So it left to Middlemeister and TheSuffolkRam to pull it all together.

We kick off with Middlemeister, who’s been playing the heavily patched Mass Effect: Andromeda, searching out into the galaxy to find and terraform golden planets. We discuss improved game play, semi fixed facial animations, exploring planets and the new Nomad vehicle.

Ram has been playing a simple, funny first person adventure puzzle game with Maize, he talks about Russian stuff bears and trying too hard at humour.

Midddlemeister talks about the upcoming release of the Snes mini, the dangers of game and console pre-orders and once again how much we hate scalpers

Skazz talk about the next splatfest, how ice cream was fighting ice cream and the future choice of mayo vs ketchup and his dislike of Perl. He also looking forward to the new Steinsgate game Chaos;Child

We celebrate the future passing of Adobe Flash. We look at its past and also talk about other older pieces of software. we also take pots shots at JavaScript and how its so ingrained in the web. We also splurge into a discussion into Piracy and why people do it.

We also discuss our various Methods of character creation and the business possibility of battle pig, the changers to PlayStation plus, a brief Game Of Thrones talk including t-shirt news, splatoon 2’s splatfest, how rubbish NowTv app is and MySpace



Now patched and almost fixed: Mass Effect: Andromeda

Find the sereicts of sweetcorn with Maize

Watch out for scalper with the Snes Mini

The new Steins Gate Chaos;Child

Read about the joys of Flash and JavaScript

How one line of code can ruin everything, Tom Scott shows us how

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TheSuffolkRam and Skazz

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