Rand(Nerds); Episode 71


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Welcome to our bumper long episode 71 birthday podcast.

We kick off talking about the next splatfest and the relative pros and cons of the superpowers flying or invisibility.

We then move onto the most important news of the month, it’s our birthday! join by making sure you have cake and beer available while listing to this podcast.

TheSuffolkRam kicks off with talking about space capitalism sim Offworld Trading Company, He discuss cornering the market on water, pirates and dealing with stocks.

Skazz has been playing GTA5 over the last few weeks. He talk about his experience trying to playing the game online, and we discuss our preferred GTA games.

Ram talks about re watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, this lead onto talk about Star Wars and other series such as a large talk about Breaking Bad, the last season of it and out favourite characters from it. We also talk about Better Call Saul, and what other spin off we would like to see.

We talk about the shut down of Miiverse and its impact on games, and we also discuss other online services coming to the end.

Finally we talk about the recently released ‘fan fiction’ of Half Life Episode 3 by head writer Marc Laidlaw, and our opinions of the games series.

We also discuss pig piggyback ride, mobility scooters and The Animals of Farthing Wood.



Rule mars with money in Offworld Trading Company

Get killed by campers online in GTA 5

Does the idea of Miiverse sound cool, tough its closed down

Marc Laidlaw Half-life 2: Episode 3 ‘fan fiction’

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TheSuffolkRam and Skazz

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