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Welcome to Episode 83

Middlemeister returns for a guest appearance in his cardigan! TheSuffolkRam kicks us off talking about Delta Force Land Warrior, a game from the ancient year of 2000 that is not very good and makes us feel old. but does help us have nostalgia over old game mechanics. We also find out Ram’s early mission creation days.

Middlemeister has been playing recently released switch version of an indie game called Owlboy. A Metroidvania style game with great story, art and music. Following the life of useless owlboy Otis and his fight against pirates.

Skazz has been technical issues with his PS4 preventing from him playing the game he would like, he talks about his steps to fix his PlayStation. But his problems lead him to using an old laptop and installing SteamOS. We talk about the good and bad of the OS and some ways around a few of its issues.

Ram has also been playing through Abzu, a game mainly about swimming that very pretty and ideal when you’re either drunk or tired. He talks about swimming with whales and problematic controls.

We then move onto a TV series with TheSuffolkRam shocking Skazz by watching the subtitled anime Attack On Titan. Set in a world where humans are have been driving to living behind giant walls to avoid being eaten by Titans.

Middlemeister has been watching a better Star Trek show the Star Trek: Discovery with The Orville. Seemingly a comedy it soon moves into more Drama territory with later episodes.

We also have a user submitted topic with discussing Red Dwarf turning 30 years old recently. We talk about the up and downs of the various series and some of our favourite moments.

We then move onto the news with the revamped wishlist on Steam, we also talk about other game services such as the dreaded Games for Windows Live

We also discuss the big news of sugar reduction in Irn Bru.



An ancient tactical shooter that had vast maps: Delta Force Land Warrior

Help redeem a useless in Owlboy in…. Owlboy

Steam on a box with SteamOS

Swim with the fishes in Abzu

A neat and strange Anime series with Attack On Titan

An alternative to Star Trek Discover with The Orville

30 year old but still good with Red Dwarf

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TheSuffolkRam and Skazz

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