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RandomBush Presents - Just the Sketches

Season 2 Part 4 of 4 00:26:58

Episode SummaryAll of the comedy sketches from the second season (Part 4 of 4) all together in one easy lisening experience. No worries, we got you. And as always full cast comedy sketches, jokes, silliness, funny songs, antics, high fives, and good times. Enjoy!

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Written and Performed By your host'sAndrew Bush and Shawn Random

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"the Secret journals of David Wayne Dunlap"DAVID - Andrew BushANNOUNCER - Shawn Random

"selfish Younicorn"ANNOUNCER - Mike FersonSELFISH YOUNICORN - Jillian Sorenson

"Porn Star Fun Facts - Sexy Facts"LADY 1 - Jess BernalLADY 2 - Erica MooreLADY 3 - Mariyetta ArutyunyaLADY 4 - Mimi Rose

"the Secret journals of David Wayne Dunlap"DAVID - Andrew BushANNOUNCER - Shawn Random

"Monster at Home"LINDA - Shawn RandomMONSTER - Andrew BushMONSTER JR - Shawn Random

"The Philosophy of UG"NARRORATOR - Samantha La RoccoUG - Eric Schinzer

"the Dew of Breath"SAVANNA - Roxanne GraciaESTABON - Efren RamirezANNOUNCER - Mike Ferguson

"Encroaching Rooster"ROOSTER - Jeffrey M. HartmanDUCK - Jaun CarlosHEN - Samantha La RoccaHOG - Dave RogersSHEEP - Roxanne GarciaGOOSE - Yolanda LaverdeHORSE - Larry CostelasCOW - Andrew BushFARMER BROWN - Shawn RandomGOAT - Robert JavinettCALF - Mateo EspanosaPIG - Laura Lee Walsh

"Kevin Spacies Intimate Spaces"KEVIN - Andrew Bush"Pride laundry Detergent"ANNOUNCER #1 - Andrew BushANNOUNCER #2 - Shawn Random"the All in one Product showdown"ANNOUNCER #1 - Shawn RandomANNOUNCER #2 - Andrew Bush

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