23: AMENorrhea and the ethics of practicing however you want to


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Robyn (Coale) Nohling and I team up to double down on the real talk. Robyn's site, The Real Life RD, is a mix of her nursing and nutrition expertise. We share a passion for talking about amenorrhea, so this conversation became a nerdy fertility deep dive. Robyn shares her opinions and knowledge with a dose of her signature sass. We also cover her internship experience, some amazing career advice, and what the "tickets to health" but actually be. (Spoiler Alert: it's not a cocktail of wellness supplements.)

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In the conversation:

  • A little bit about Disney
  • What happens when you get your 5th choice internship
  • Career advice we should have all received early on
  • Amenorrhea and all the things we know, plus many that we don't
  • Recovery, wellness, and the easiest way(s) to stay "healthy"
  • Thyroid hormones and what to look for
  • Coming soon: Robyn's signature screening tool for physicians (!!!)

Robyn Nohling, RDN FNP | www.thereallife-rd.com

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