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One of my very first experiences of public speaking was at a street meeting. Those types of meetings can fizzle fast if they’re not kept lively. I was nervous and had prepared for days. I was worried I would not be able to keep the crowd’s attention. A close friend and I really started enjoying these meetings, however. Although we saw few conversions, I began to learn the basics of evangelism. We ran into everything: laughter, scorn, questions that required quick answers, questions that required diplomacy, you name it. One thing our church elders burned into our minds was that we had the truth. Let people argue and heckle all they want. Truth is truth. We stood on the truth just like Jesus. Jesus Himself was questioned frequently. In Matthew 19 it says, “Some Pharisees came to him to test him.” The religious leaders wanted to trick Him but Jesus knew the word of God better than they. He was able to see through their trickery. He answered them not only from the word of God but also with the living revelation He got from His Father. As we follow Christ’s footsteps and share the Good News, let’s be prepared to answer questions. Let’s have answers ready for the questions people will ask. But more importantly let’s be guided by the Holy Spirit as we answer their questions patiently and lovingly. This is Luis Palau.

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