RNR 130: Performance that Matters with Ram N


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  • Josh Justice

  • Charles Max Wood

Joined by Special Guest: Ram N


Ram N, a member of the React Native core team, joins the panel to discuss performance. After a small sidetrack discussion about AR and VR, the panel jumps into the discussion about performance and how to measure performance that matters. Ram defines performance and what qualifies as a performance scenario. Josh Justice brings up Ram’s Chain React talk and the story of turning a comment such as “your app sucks” into a productive conversation gathering information that will help you improve the performance of the app. Ram explains that they are two steps to improving and debugging performance, gather information and experimentation.

The panel discusses the concept that “performance is a feature”, adding metrics at the beginning of a project instead of reacting to a slow app, and having performance requirements at the start of a project. The React Native initialization process and how developers aren’t building React Native apps but are building apps with React Native is expounded upon by Ram. Ram addresses Josh’s wonderings at the incomplete abstraction of React Native from the Native platform. Resources to better understand performance philosophy are recommended by Ram, including Yahoo’s performance roadmaps and the web performance doc at Google. Ram ends the episode by sharing what he is working on with VR and Oculus.



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