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Hello! And welcome to Read My Lips THE PODCAST!
We are fast approaching EPISODE 50! Who’d have known we’d get this far, and with so much further left to go!

There is a usual episode coming out this week, but I thought I’d re-release one of my absolute FAVE episodes, to give us a little blast from the past, and see how far we have come!

Now, this episode was recorded when we still had Keith on board, so to anyone that hasn’t listened to previous episodes, don’t get a fright when you hear a gruff male instead of my Mother’s usual, calm soothing tone.

I meantioned in the last episode that, this episode in particular was really helpful in me letting go of some of my niggling demons that comes with Little Joccoaa’s traumas? Can I call this trip a trauma? I think I can. Here we have a series of events that would creep into my mind way more than they were welcome, way into adulthood, and since recording this I have found closure and acceptance.

Doing this podcast, I feel, allows myself now, as an adult, to understand more fully, and accept some of the goings on of childhood, family, bullying, school, BOYFRIENDS and the lark. And I hope it can give others some sort of comfort that, we really all do go through very similar things as we grow up, and we don’t need to hold ourselves accountable for what we did as kids, or what other kids did to us.

So! Enough of me rabbiting on, settle in for a pretty, cringe story all in all. Enjoy.

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