7 Wheels & a Podcast: OSU-Cascades' Wheels Cohort Talk Writing & Read Their Work-Ep.35


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Today we have an epic, action packed episode for you, so get ready to geek out on reading and writing. The Wheels join us to explore their work, motivations, writer’s lives, and craft and style choices. There are seven segments, each designed and created by a cohort member. Rachel reads the opening scene to her fantasy novel as it opens with a radio broadcast. It details the region’s landscape, mythology, and technology. Amaia Faressi is the lead lady in Kelsey’s science fiction series, Sabiak’s Creed, and she’s here to talk about the novel, and the joys and frustrations of being an author’s muse. In her segment, Tiffany digs into what it’s like to live with a writer. Pamela’s segment is a “Quest for Genre” in which she reads a short piece of each of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry and reflect briefly on the writing process and the reason for the genre selection for the content. In her segment, Cheliss explores the role writing played in her relationship with her partner. Hannah engages a fellow artist on how writing, photography, and running intersect in their creative lives. Karen begins with a rhyming piece about negative capability and discusses with humor and gusto, some of the internal struggles and turmoil that a writing life entails. Find full notes at www.readwriterepeatpod.com.

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