S2 EP 60: Scale Your Underwriting Process with Tom Shallcross


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Scaling a business is never easy, and it always develops in phases. Today’s guest Tom Shallcross comes to us in a position many business owners often arrive at: the space of no longer a “mom & pop”, but still not yet large enough to hire a full-blown team. The pains of scaling.

What do you do when you recognize the time being spent underwriting is consuming too much of your attention? Tom shares with us his matrix accounting process to help position himself to simplify deal analysis, as well as establish a platform he can utilize to delegate and outsource in time. Scaling – it’s a process!

Asset: Single family homes, small multifamily units

Process: Tom shares his underwriting model and the streamlining process he is currently using. In his own words, “We are not underwriting large deals, but we’ve gotten really good at underwriting our deals.”

Strategy: Being focused in the Chicago market, Tom shares how he blends his business model to include both a buy/hold strategy, as well as flipping.

Tom’s Bio:

Tom is a Chicago-based investor that has acquired over 20 successful cashflowing units across Chicago since October of 2018 - all while working a full-time job and being a present father and husband. Tom has been able to maintain this growth trajectory by staying laser focused and forming strategic partnerships to outsource necessary activities. In past work experiences, Tom operated as a residential lender for several years and then as a business lead for a major residential remodeling company, giving him unique insights to the financing and remodeling aspects of Real Estate.

How to Contact Tom:

Website: www.nowservingproperties.com

Email: NSProperties723@gmail.com

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