SC192: Ashton Gustafson. Selling 100 homes in one year as a solo agent without an assistant.


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Ashton Gustafson SUCCESS CALL

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Ashton Gustafson is with Bishop Realtor Group in Wichita Falls, Texas. Last year he closed 320 transactions with a total sales volume of 60 million. His average sales price was 187 thousand of which 60% were buyers and 40% were sellers.

Ashton has a 7 member team: 3 buyer agents, 2 admins, 1 executive office manager, and 1 team leader. He has been an agent for 12 years and works the Wichita Falls and Waco Texas markets.

In this call, Ashton talks about:

  • Selling zero home his first 6 months
  • Having a strategic epiphany and dramatically changing his approach
  • Then selling 55 homes his first full year
  • Burning out after personally selling over 100 homes as a solo agent without an assistant
  • Hiring a team to gain life balance
  • What he is doing to get 70-80% of his business by repeat and referral
  • The power of being a friend versus just being a real estate agent
  • His daily game of 60 Points of Rhythm for long term success
  • Giving people relevant, specific, and timely information
  • Personally selling over 75 homes last year
  • Why 80% of people can only remember one agent’s name
  • The power of a Top 100 list and who should be on it … and more

2017 Stats:

  • 320 closings
  • 60 million sales volume
  • 7 member team:
    • 3 buyer agents
    • 2 admin
    • 1 executive office manager
    • 1 team leader


  • Repeat & Referral
  • Past Cleints
  • Sphere of Influence

(originally published on 12/21/18)

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