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Welcome to Season 2 of The Real Estate Influencer Buzz Podcast with Michele Bee. Season 2 is directed to Realtors and real estate professionals and includes a variety of interviews with influencers in and out of the real estate industry who are rockin' it with video, blogging, social media, YouTube, Pinterest, SEO, Twitter and Linkedin on a shoestring budget. We sip on a beverage, chat about social media and sell more properties.

If you are a consumer Season 1 is full of great information for you if you are a home buyer or a home seller.
Season 2 Episode 001
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Today it is just me...Michele Bee. But starting every week I will be dropping a new podcast with guests from around the globe.
When the housing market crashed and everyone started to become an “expert” in short sales and foreclosures I took a step back from the market due to burn out personally and professionally. Those type of transactions were simply not my thing and frankly I didn't pivot quickly enough to dive deep into it.

I decided that it made sense for me to go back to my roots which was working with “niche” products that I could sink my teeth into. On today's show I touch on this topic and I will be doing a workshops so reach out to me to set one up in your office!
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