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9-5 jobs are the most common method of earning money. But, of course, the best way to build wealth is to go beyond the corporate setting and grow your finances as you sleep. You can achieve that by investing. If you are thinking about giving S&P 500 a try, it's time to widen your perspective to see a much more lucrative option – real estate investing.

Welcome to Real Estate Investing Demystified, your friendly guide to exploring everything about real estate. Discover what opportunities await you in this highly profitable and risk-averse industry. Find out what it truly takes to become a big player in this market by looking at private equity firms and understanding how they are structured.

Listen to real estate leaders share life-changing stories of triumphs and challenges. Learn different tactics from tax professionals, securities and corporate lawyers, marketing strategists, and more. With every show guest a certified industry expert, you get a vast network of people who can help with your journey. Connect with these highly knowledgeable individuals and get your investments rolling. Prepare to be educated and be inspired!

If you plan to invest passively, this show has everything you need to jumpstart that hands-off income source. There are more places to put your money on than Wall Street. Take a deep dive into crowdfunding, private equity, syndication funds, and REITs. These monthly distributions create alternative income sources that are often overlooked, so be sure to make the most out of them. Learn how to grow your wealth through these methods while doing the things you enjoy and spending more time with your loved ones.

If you plan to invest actively, get ready for insightful episodes revealing the best scaling strategies you can emulate. This is your chance to finally bring your venture to the next level, diversify your portfolio, and earn much bigger revenue. Gather valuable lessons from their past mistakes and see how you can avoid or mitigate your own risks. If you want to confirm that the strategies you are currently implementing are correct, acceptable, and profitable, let their stories be your guide on what to improve.

Your hosts for this podcast are the dynamic duo Ava Benesocky and August Biniaz. The power couple takes pride in their combined real experience of over 25 years. This industry is not a side hustle or a simple gig for them. Ava and August’s lives are deeply embedded in real estate. This is evident in the success of the investment firm they founded: CPI Capital.

Ava was one of the youngest award-winning agents at REMAX. Her ability to build strong communities and forge long-lasting relationships made her one of the most appreciated and successful experts out there. Ava currently serves as the CEO of CPI Capital. On the other hand, August is a fund manager and syndicator. His passion lies in helping other people realize their financial goals and earn substantial returns through multifamily property investing. August is CPI Capital's CSO and COO.

Ava and August bring to the podcast unparalleled expertise solidified by their vast industry experience. You cannot ask for better hosts to help you start your real estate venture in the active or passive scene.

You may have second thoughts about getting into real estate, given its many facets, legalities, and processes involved. But fully embracing its many opportunities means bigger revenue, smoother cashflow, and a resilient income source. With seemingly endless properties and owners to do business with, you'll get your money’s worth right here.

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