#302: Mineral, Water, Solar, Wind, and Timber Assets- with Yoann Hispa


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Yoann Hispa is the CEO and co-founder of Landgate.com.

LandGate is an open Property Rights Marketplace that provides free listings of mineral assets, wind, water, solar, timber, cell tower rights, and more.

Prior to founding Landgate, Yoann was President of Optimix Energy Corp where he worked as COO for Private Investors, Private Equities, and small E&P companies in their oil and gas evaluations, acquisitions, divestitures, and drilling operations. Yoann has 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry mainly with Operators in various technical roles from Geoscientist to Reservoir Engineer.


“We need to calculate how many resources are in place and how much can be exploited, how many more wells can be drilled to exploit that resource. And, when those wells will likely be drilled based on recounts and activity from operators. Then, based on SEC reserves, we need to tie these future cash flows to a reserve category and risk them. At the end, you just add up all of those cash flows and you end up with the market value.”

“Diversify your portfolio with a lot of real estate investors and get some actual resources in there.”


4:27- Yoann gives us his background, tells us about landgate.com, and how it came about

14:50- Yoann tells us the likelihood that landowners have some type of mineral or water under their land that increases the value and what the evaluation method looks like

19:32- Yoann tells us how much accuracy he’s able to tell how much oil can be exploited from a location that has never been drilled

25:35- Yoann compares his services to buying gas stock

31:31- Opportunities in solar and wind investments

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