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Jay Several is a real estate investor and developer.

Jay is the Principal of Several Properties Group, a Cherry Hill, NJ-based developer and asset manager of value-add retail properties. Several Properties develops and manages properties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Jay is involved in every aspect of the development process for each property including location logistics and metrics, acquisition, financing, entitlement, leasing, construction, tenant fit-out, and asset management.

Since 2007 Mr. Several has been totally responsible for creatively re-developed vacant, obsolete, and abandoned properties into vibrant retail assets valued at over $ 40.0 million.


“Everything is about relationships. You can feel like you know what you’re doing, but to be able to confirm that, you have to have lots of friends in the industry. People that know you, they know what you can do. And when they have something, they will come to you.”

“Listen, watch, and do as much homework as possible. Start small and think big. If you have a lot to lose, put it on the line.”


3:38- Jay tells us about his background, how he got into real estate, and what he does

6:13- Jay talks about what point he made the transition from family housing to commercial projects

11:56- Jay shares how he knows he has found a strong candidate

17:30- Jay tells what his typical business model looks like

21:06- Jay gives his opinion on if new opportunities will arise from the pandemic

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