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On his platform, Lending For Deals, Matt Bell currently has 132 lenders in 50 states with all kinds of deal types and credit profiles. Now that is music to my ears. And while they don’t currently do every deal in every state, they do most deals in every state, and they can pull up your best options for whatever address you’re looking at.
As an operator, you can be incredibly cash flow-sensitive, so having your different options laid out for you in one spot is going to be hugely beneficial. Instead of selling you as a lead to all kinds of lenders who bombard you with phone calls, Matt’s company is a little more like Lending Tree, where you’re paired up with hard money lenders who are the best match for you.
Over 10,000 kinds of loans are offered, including:
—Rental Lending for BRRRR
—Fix and Flip Lending
—Construction Lending
—Land Development
—Bridge and Rehab
—And more
They have a solution for nearly every credit profile because if you’re doing deals all over the place, sometimes your credit fluctuates, depending on how many deals are open. This is a website and system built by investors for investors.
Matt talks about if they do transactional funding, if they offer proof of funds if the deals on Monday are as good as the deals on Thursday, and whether they offer refinances. The only hard no he can offer is that they absolutely do not do lending for home loans. These loans are strictly for business purposes only.
I’m hugely excited by the potential in Matt’s platform. There’s nobody out there doing anything like this, so I’m looking forward to seeing where this will go.
What’s Inside:
—What kind of deals Lending For Deals can do.
—Some different scenarios for how a loan could be structured with them.
—Why they started Lending For Deals.
—Matt recommends his favorite books.
—Matt’s optimistic about the future, regardless of recession or election results.

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