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Dealing with probates and tax delinquents requires a little bit of care and finesse, which Jason Lucchesi from No Flipping Excuses, is happy to provide. He opens up about all of his tips for chasing down leads in this podcast, and how to navigate the difficult conversations you have to have with people as they’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, or losing their home.
Marketing himself to folks with quit claim deed, AOD, or deeds with the name “trust” on them are just a few of the ways that Jason finds probate leads. Most of the time these leads are older folks who are looking to downgrade from their big house after their partner has died. Jason’s built a relationship with local attorneys who know he’ll purchase a home quickly and fairly.
Jason shares the tools he uses to purchase data, and he points out that in non-disclosure states, this information may not be online. Building relationships with elder care professionals and county clerks help him work around some of those limitations.
Many times people who are selling off a house after death aren’t just trying to sell the house; they want to sell the contents of the house too. So Jason’s had to accommodate these kinds of sellers, but it’s been surprisingly beneficial for him.
Tax delinquencies are another tricky situation because many of these folks are on a fixed income with no hope of fixing their situation. Jason shares with me the kind of questions he asks them to determine if he can help them with tax assistance, the very stringent requirements of a tax payment plan, and how he helps homeowners find a better situation.
You might have to navigate probates and tax delinquency deals with thoughtfulness, but the high-profit margins make them worth your time.
What’s Inside:
—How you can use LinkedIn to find real estate investors, and the job titles you should search for.
—How to handle tax delinquencies with a bankruptcy attached.
—What to say to a bereaved spouse about selling the house.
—Using county records to find tax delinquents.
—How to handle tax delinquency with a mortgage attached.
—The importance of building relationships with eldercare professionals.

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