How to Accelerate the Path to Success in Investing w/Matt Aitchison


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The biggest hurdle new investors face is getting the money for deals, but the real hurdle isn’t financial—it’s mental. How can we shift our mindset and remove our blinders so we can see where the money is? How do we find and approach investors to show them the value of the opportunity? Is there a way to accelerate our success? On this episode, I’m joined by successful investor and entrepreneur, Matt Aitchison, to talk about how he built his empire and share the mental blocks he had to overcome in order to get those first deals off the ground.

3 Things You'll Learn

  • The value of an experienced partner
  • Why the deal comes first and the money follows
  • The importance of building systems around what you’re doing

In order to attack the gap between where you are and where you want to be, you have to do things differently. The most important thing in investing is shifting your mindset around success and the activities that make it possible. Don’t think of the deal as an investor doing you a favor. You’re actually helping them make a return bigger than they would get in anything else. It’s not about asking for money. It’s about the right delivery in how you educate them and offer the opportunity. When you deliver on the return you promised and build that reputation over time, you’ll never lack great opportunities.

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