How to Become Your Own Bank & Have More Control of Your Money w/Jonah Dew


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There’s a financial system that unlocks wealth-building, debt-freedom and our financial goals, but we don’t hear much about it. It’s possible to implement this system and get these results without additional effort, taking on any more risk or giving up any control.

How does the Infinite Banking System work, and why does it get so little attention?

In this episode, co-founder of The Cash Compound and money mapping specialist, Jonah Dew shares the basics of becoming your own bank, and how the system is changing lives.

Three Things We Learned

How banks make profits without earning moneyWhen we deposit money into the bank, the banks use it to make profit by loaning out our money. Every single loan is an asset to the bank, and they make money through charging interest on the loans they provide. This is a system we can implement in our own lives, and our guest today shares the simple steps we can take to do it.

There are parties that are motivated to keep the truth about banking a secret There’s a reason we don’t hear a lot about becoming your own bank, that’s because it doesn’t benefit the institutions who make money from us in the conventional system. Who are these people, and how do they earn profits from our hard-earned money?

The one change we need to make to change our finances for goodA lot of people give up their potential wealth by giving their money to third-parties like banks and credit card companies. With the Infinite banking system, all we need to do is change where the money goes first and start to unlock the benefits. Jonah shares how one simple decision can completely change your financial dynamic.

Guest Bio-

Jonah Dew is the co-founder of The Cash Compound, an online subscription-based educational system for Infinite Banking, and the mapping specialist at The Money Multiplier.

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