Learning How Money Works & Overcoming The Internal Battles of Being in Business w/ Danelle Delgado


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Traditionally, we’re never really taught how money works and how we can transform earning into building wealth. How can we get a better understanding of the principles of money in investing? Why is it so important for us to be willing to teach people no matter what level of knowledge we’re at? What’s the value of spending quiet time on your own to listen to yourself? On this episode, I’m joined by coach, entrepreneur, and “Millionaire Maker” Danelle Delgado, who shares her journey and how we can overcome our hurdles to success.

3 Things You'll Learn

  • How to overcome our personal internal battles
  • Why anyone can be a teacher
  • The truth about investing in coaching programs

Money is abundant— it’s just a matter of finding it and setting yourself up so that it comes to you. We do this by constantly learning, seeking knowledge and mentorship, and doing the work to overcome our internal hurdles.

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