Leaving Wall Street Behind & Raising Private Capital w/Matt Faircloth


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When it comes to investing, most people believe they can only park their money in traditional products such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs. But there’s a whole new world of investing that’s opened up through real estate. What are the benefits of these new models of investing, and why do they routinely out-perform Wall Street? How do we identify people to present investing opportunities to? How do we begin gearing up for the coming stock market crash, and the money it will bring in for investing? On this episode, investor, speaker and author, Matt Faircloth shares on how to find money for real estate deals and simple ways we can expand our private money capacity.

Three Things We Learned

Wall Street isn’t the only vehicle for wealth building

Up until recently, Wall Street was the only place Americans could reliably build their wealth. Unless you were exceptionally wealthy, there weren’t many other options. Real estate investors are pioneering what will soon become a new method of wealth planning.

Commercial real estate isn’t the winning vehicle it used to be

New models for work and retail mean that commercial real estate has shifted significantly. The people that are going to make big money in the future are those who will figure out how to repurpose these vacant spaces.

Real estate investors need to prepare for the coming wave of capital

Many people believe that when the stock market crashes again, it will indirectly drag real estate down with it. Real estate is going to remain stable, and the crash will create enormous demand for capital in our businesses. We need to be able to handle the volume of investable capital that’s going to come to us, and learn how to put great deals together.

Guest Bio-

Matt Faircloth is a Real Estate Investor, Author, Speaker and founder of The DeRosa Group. DeRosa's vision is "Transforming Lives Through Real Estate". Matt is also the author of Raising Private Capital: Build Your Real Estate Empire Using Other People's Money.

For more information, visit http://derosagroup.com/

Buy Matt’s book Raising Private Capital: Build Your Real Estate Empire Using Other People's Money here.

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