The Big Lie


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The conventional information we’ve been given about money is a lie designed to keep us on a hamster wheel. What is wrong with the traditional “wisdom” about money and building wealth? When it comes to making money, who should we be mimicking and learning from?

On this episode, I talk about the Big Lie in most financial education and all the things I learned from Wall Street, the wealthy, and from running my own businesses.

Three Takeaways

Everyone that is funneling you towards the conventional methods is making a lot of money from it.

If we park our money and let it sit and let interest compound, you are buying into the Big Lie.

Wealthy people (and even banks) don’t park their money and just leave it. They keep it in motion.

We’ve been taught that money only works one way, and that we have to use it and invest it through conventional channels. But when we buy into that lie, we end up on a hamster wheel of rising and falling fortunes, not true wealth. In order to shift this paradigm, we must completely overhaul our mindsets and opt for the wisdom of the wealthy. Everything they do with money is what we should be aiming to do with our own.

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