The Post Covid Blueprint w/Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider


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Right now, we’re living through a very challenging period. Depending on how you view the situation, this coronavirus crash could help set us up to win in the next 6 to 12 months.

When we gather information, data and understanding, we gain an advantageous perspective of our situation. Knowledge allows us to stand at the top of the mountain, see all the options and prepare to make a move.

If we allow ourselves to drown in negativity, we lose that perspective and ability to turn a negative into a positive. Our guests today have learned this first hand and earned their stripes from the hard knocks of the real estate business. They went from a massive eight-figure success to bankruptcy, before starting over and climbing back up to the top.

What are the biggest lessons they learned? Why should we avoid listening to what the media is telling us about this crash? In this episode, we’re joined by real estate entrepreneurs, coaches and founders of REI Blueprint, Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider. They talk about getting up after being knocked down in 2008, and how they managed to keep going.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

- How to focus on moving forwardTake a look at where you’re at honestly, but don’t focus solely on the problem. Focus on what is working and what you can do to start moving forward. If we stay stuck in the negativity and fear it’s impossible to find solutions.

- What we can learn from our guestsPeople think they need a ton of resources and money to get into real estate, but Jason and Rachel are evidence that you can start from nothing and build a really powerful real estate operation.

- How to prepare for the coming opportunitiesRight now, the multimillionaires and billionaires of the world are studying what’s going on in the market, and getting their cash together in preparation. This is because times like this are the lead up to massive opportunities for growth.

Guest Bio-

Jason and Rachel are real estate investors, entrepreneurs and the founders of REI Blueprint. They run a top coaching program with the nation’s leading investors and own a profitable hard money lending company, with over 2 million dollars in loans out to their coaching students at any given time.

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