The Truth About the Stock Market & Why This Crash Isn’t a Surprise


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For many people, what’s happening in the market right now comes as a shock, but for anyone who has been paying attention, this crash was long overdue.

The stock market is cyclical, meaning that it’s somewhat predictable. There were certain clues that alluded to the fact that the market was about shift and now we’re actually experiencing it.

In order to get ahead in the money game, there are simple things we need to understand about the stock market, and actions we can take to protect ourselves.

What should you be doing with your money right now so you don’t need to ride the financial rollercoaster? In this episode, I share the simple principles of the stock market, how to follow them and use them to guide your actions.

Three Things We Learned

Markets typically correct in 7-10 years and we were actually long overdue.

Individual stocks also work according to these patterns, and if we pay attention to them, we can avoid losing.

Markets go down faster than they go up, and you can lose in one day, the returns gained in 11 years.

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