Housing Market: Pandemic-Induced Dreams About Real Estate


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Many people have reported an unusual side effect of the pandemic. They say they’ve been having more intense dreams than normal, and can often remember them when they wake up. Sleep experts call them “quarandreams.” And oddly enough, many of them are focused on “real estate.” Sleep experts say it’s not surprising that people are dreaming more vividly right now. It could be due to more stress because of the virus, more time to sleep without interruption, or less noise to interfere with sleep. Or maybe something else entirely. But the real estate-focused subject matter may be something to pay attention to because a house often represents our current emotional state. And according to experts, dreams are a way we send a message to ourselves about what we may want or need. In this case, Realtor.com teamed up with author and sleep analyst, Layne Dalfen, to come up with a list of common real estate dreams and what they might mean. www.NewsForInvestors.com

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