Remodeling Bourbon Street


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Remodeling Bourbon Street
What happens when you’re in charge of remodeling a historic Bourbon Street style bar. What if the spirits of the past want to keep the setting the same? Do you respect their wishes, or continue moving forward?
A listener writes the following.
“One day at the crack of dawn, we decided to do our exploring. We first went into the cellar, which was only accessible outside through the backyard. It was musty and decrepit, to say the least, like any old basement (but nothing to be considered noteworthy). After this, we entered the mansion through the backdoor. The home itself is immense and worthy enough to be called a mansion. We explored all the rooms on the main floor. The kitchen, the living rooms, etc. After which we began our way up the stairs, as we prayed, we would not fall through the rotten planks of the staircase. We made it to the top floor safely and began to explore up there as well. The top floor was much more intriguing, which old antique furniture (couches, chairs, etc.) still adorning the rooms, which appeared to be from the 1920’s era if not before. After admiring the architecture and antique items for an hour or two, we began our descent back down the stairs. This is where things became interesting.”
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