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One of the most popular ways to make money is by offering your products and services. Having a good product or an impressive portfolio is only the beginning. If you don’t know how to approach others and sell what you have the proper way, it may be too much to expect a positive cash flow on your end. How to can create a sales system is where Cory Comstock, a world-class sales consultant, comes in to share his expertise with us regarding the psychology of sales.

Today, Cory talks about the difference in process and result between the popular way of selling - where the salesperson does all the talking - and the process-oriented method, which is by intentionally asking questions. Cory explains the downside of not having a sales system or a process and shares the approach he does when dealing with clients for them to “own” their decision that would lead actions that create lasting changes.

“The one thing I think so many salespeople can fine-tune in their process is, ‘I’m formulating my next question before they have answered my previous question'.” - Cory Comstock

In This Episode of Real Money Talks:

  • The biggest problem business owners have
  • The importance of having a sales process
  • Mastering the technique of formulating your next question before your client answers the previous one
  • The biggest thing Cory has learned in his process
  • Why you should make a logical decision over an emotional one
  • How to gauge your customer’s “temperature”

Simple Sales System:

  1. Know what you’re selling.
  2. Be directional about your questions.
  3. Come up with a script that’s authentic to your personality.

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