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Michelle Nedelec the founder and owner of Success Therapy and the author of Business Ownership Mindset is here to talk about fostering and developing a true entrepreneurial mindset.

Too many entrepreneurs start a business, but still have that employee mindset. We talk about the differences in mindsets for employees, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Running a business is not the same as buying a job. Michelle gives advice for removing yourself from your business and thinking like an owner instead of an employee.

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Show Notes
  • [01:28] Michelle's book is called the Business Ownership Mindset, because a business owner’s mindset needs to be completely different than an employee mindset.
  • [02:20] How many entrepreneurs still do not have the business ownership mindset.
  • [02:55] The first mistake a lot of people make is checking their email first thing hoping that a client has put in an order. They are looking for direction from someone else. Which is completely the wrong way to look at business.
  • [04:04] How business owners need to be the ones running the show. They have to figure out what they want and then tell the team how to get it done.
  • [04:10] It's a completely different way of looking at things and business owners and leaders have to be able to do that.
  • [04:21] Michelle focuses on the concepts that need to be owned as an entrepreneur first and then a business owner. You have to have an entrepreneurial mindset first.
  • [05:00] When you really understand how to take the focus of control internally and start directing what is going on in your business.
  • [06:01] The success therapy process which helps people get to the root cause of why they do what they do.
  • [06:15] The three ways we change our beliefs include reason, repetition, and emotional charge.
  • [06:38] It doesn't take 21 days to form a new habit. The more emotionally involved you are the faster you will change.
  • [06:57] Seeing how people who already have the millionaire mindset operate can help you develop that same mindset.
  • [07:06] These people aren't afraid of what other people think of them. They're not afraid of making the tough choices and they have internal control.
  • [07:34] If someone else is making you angry, then you are giving them control. Once you take control of things then you can do something about it.
  • [09:04] When you have resistance towards something you are rejecting the part of you that could be good at that.
  • [10:55] The line of knowing when to hire versus when you should be doing it yourself. If you have a lot of resistance towards something, you should probably learn how to do it. You can hire someone but understand what they're doing and how they do it.
  • [12:01] If your company is running effectively without you in it, you have probably learned the business mindset.
  • [13:02] Plan what you want your day to look like first thing in the morning.
  • [14:00] Look at areas of your business that cause anxiety and decide what action you can take right now to improve that.
  • [14:38] You can find business ownership mindset on Amazon. Michelle wrote the book by having an interview with a friend and transcribing it. She wanted to get it out of her head, because it was occupying mental space.
  • [16:33] By getting your book out of you more content will come to you.
  • [16:37] Michelle also wants to write a book about strategic building or how to think strategically. Too many entrepreneurs think tactically and don't have a overall big picture strategy.
  • [17:16] She also wants to write about systematizing a business.
  • [18:10] How important it is to design an organizational chart of your business without you in it.
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