Making Money with Laughter


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Many people today are unhappy, worried, and miserable. There is a rise in suicide and depression rates that are caused by many factors. Some of these include a busy lifestyle, a lack of personal connection with others, or the inability to be joyful and see the brighter side of life.

In today’s episode, my guest, Debbie Harbinson, MHI, RN, HNB-BC, is a registered nurse who talks about the importance of learning the science of laughter, psychology, and humor. She explains the of learning the truth about laughter and its effects on the longevity of your life. With this, she pursues teaching and educating others about the advantages of laughter as she conducts training with the staff of a mental health organization in May.

There are facts you need to know about laughter and humor because if you do not, we are talking about life and death here. - Debbie

In This Episode of Real Money Talks:

  • Debbie expresses her desire to share with others the importance of laughter and humor in living healthy lives and pursuing relationships
  • How she realized that she could make money with laughter while continuing to work towards a noble cause
  • Why laughter is the easiest way to connect with patients and its impact on their recovery
  • How Debbie’s learning from an organization called World Laughter Tour equips her to teach people about joy and laughter
  • Advantages of laughter in organizations and how it serves them

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