Why Are We So Lonely? How You Can Truly Find Meaning, Purpose, & Connection (feat. Dr. Varun Soni)


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This episode will help you ask and answer the big questions in life! Dr. Varun Soni is the Dean of Religious Life at USC, where he is the chief religious and spiritual leader for over 45,000 students. He has been featured on ABC News, Forbes, NPR, and The Los Angeles Times, he was also mentored by His Holiness the 14th Dali Lama of Tibet. On this episode Victoria and Dr. Soni discuss the mental health crisis that's facing our world and why so many are struggling to discover their own sense of meaning, purpose, and identity. Not to mention, how can we connect with others, make more friends, and truly feel fulfilled in our lives? This eye-opening conversation is one of Victoria's favorite Real Pod episodes EVER!

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