Audio Coffee: Calming Anxiety


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Can you smell that gorgeous aroma? Mmm yes. That’s coffee. For your ears.

This is the first Audio Coffee since April 2020 and it is so very good to be back joining you for your Monday morning beverage (or whenever and wherever this happens to find you).

This episode is all about anxiety and some ways to help move through and soothe it. There’s a lot of extra anxiety surfacing these days with the state of the world, not to mention the vibrational energetic shift we’re experiencing as we move from 3D to 5D, so first things first, you’re not alone in feeling a little… untethered.

A few things I riff on in this episode...

  • A perspective shift on how I see anxiety
  • A few reasons why it might be showing up
  • How you can soften its intensity
  • How you can shift the energy and use it to your benefit
  • Shifting from 3D to 5D
  • And some new announcements for the RRP!

I hope you find this episode helpful. Honestly, it’s just good to be back and sharing a moment with you. I really can feel you there when I record. Like we’re having a little chat.
Show Notes:

Lots of love and chat soon!

Your Host,
Katie B

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