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For the next month, things are going to be a bit different over here at the RRP.

*enter dramatic music*

In order to open up some creative space and forward some new ideas for the RRP Crew, I'm launching the "Top Episode Series".

Regular programming will commence, so you'll still get your Audio Coffee episodes on Mondays, and your Guest Episodes on Wednesdays, however for the next 30-days they'll be the best of the best. The top 4 episodes of all time in each category.

Very much looking forward to coming back with some fresh energy, ideas, and offers for all of you incredible humans!

Lots and lots of love as always,

Your Host - Katie B
*Orignal Episode Description*
On this episode of the Real Rebel Podcast Audio Coffee edition, we riff on taking action and focusing on joy. It feels as if the energy of 2020 is already here which means it’s a wonderful time to get in creation mode.

Who do you want to step into 2020 as? Or better yet, who do you want to step into TODAY as?

So much of our experiences in life are a representation of what’s going on in our minds. Our thoughts create emotions, our emotions influence our actions, and our actions determine what kind of life we see play out in front of us.

Energy really is everything. If we want to see changes in our physical world we must first shift the state of our internal world.

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