April 20, 2021 - Budget 2021 Round Table; 4/20 "Puff Puff Panel"


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On the heels of the Liberals' first federal budget in two years, we get into the numbers. Is this more of an election platform than a budget? Does it strike the right balance between investing in post-pandemic recovery and plotting a path back to balance? Jason Hatcher, Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean, and Semhar Tekeste dig into the details. Plus, it's April 20th - Happy 4/20! Our "Puff Puff Panel" - Jonas Jespersen, Lisa Campbell, Nathan Mison, and Akanksha Bhatnagar - sparks up conversation on the evolution of Canada's legal Cannabis industry, stigma that remains around Cannabis use, and where the trends are going in months and years to come.

33:10 - Budget 2021 Round Table 1:35:18- 4/20 Puff Puff Panel

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