April 21, 2021 - Minister Maryam Monsef; plant proteins w/ Allison Ammeter; Infertility Round Table


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We dig deeper into Ottawa's plan for affordable childcare with Federal Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Rural Economic Development Maryam Monsef. What happens if provinces like Alberta say "No" to federal funding based on strings attached? Grain farmer Allison Ammeter, chair of the Plant Protein Alliance of Alberta explains why the provincial government's cancellation of a paltry $250k commitment means the collapse of their organization. We get into the significant economic implications of global demand for plant proteins, and what it could mean for agricultural producers on the Prairies. It's Canadian Infertility Awareness Week, so we check in with Dr. Alda Ngo, Kristina Melia, and Linda Hoang. What new options exist for Canadians hoping to start a family, what are some of the most significant barriers they'll face, and what proactive steps can people take to improve their chances? Plus, we recap yesterday's interview with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, including childcare, travel restrictions, a looming federal election, and his strained relationship with Alberta Premier Jason Kenney.

14:08 - Minister Maryam Monsef 30:47 - Allison Ammeter 49:44 - Infertility Round Table

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