April 22, 2021 - A "future ready" workforce w/ Kathy Woods; the Midlife pandemic book project


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Industries change quickly, and skill sets can become obsolete. Add a pandemic on top, and it's fair to say employees and employers face an entirely different reality than they did a year or so ago. Deloitte's National Workforce Transformation Leader Kathy Woods joins for an informative (and hilarious) look at how people of all ages can be "future ready". Twenty or so years ago, they all collaborated on the University of Alberta's official student newspaper - The Gateway. This past year, nearly thirty talented writers resolved to reconnect and collaborate on a reflection of middle age. The result is a powerful, hilarious, heart-wrenching book called "Midlife". Sarah Chan, Jhenifer Pabillano, Adam Rozenhart, Amanda Ash, Geoff Moysa, and Raymond Biesinger hang out for one of the more memorable (and moving) hours in Real Talk history.

24:06 - Kathy Woods 49:31 - Midlife part 1 with Sarah Chan, Jhenifer Pabillano and Adam Rozenhart 1:29:26 - Midlife part 2 with Amanda Ash, Geoff Moysa and Raymond Biesinger

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