April 23, 2021 - Seniors of Humanity w/ Erin Gaudet & Monica Lipscombe; the Greenest Home on Earth


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"Senior citizens represent such a large and untapped resource for all of us, but their value and input is often underestimated and they are wildly underrepresented in social media," wrote Erin Gaudet in an email to talk@ryanjespersen.com. She went on to explain what led her and her partners to create seniorsofhumanity.ca, a hub for stories about remarkable seniors that might otherwise not be told. Erin and (the absolutely delightful, courageous, and inspiring) Monica Lipscombe take us into this heartwarming and thought-provoking project. "The Confluence" might be the Greenest Home on Earth. That was the goal, anyway, when the Molenaar family approached SAIT to collaborate on an entry for The Living Building Challenge. Tracey Chala, Melanie Ross, and Haley Puppato take us into the remarkable property in Alberta's Waiporous region, and explain what makes this dream home so special. Plus, it's Friday, so fasten your seatbelt for another wild edition of Trash Talk, presented by Local Waste!

14:32 - Seniors of Humanity 39:41 - The Greenest Home on Earth 1:51:03 - Trash Talk

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